Black with chrome or brass detail


White | walnut polish | bordeaux polish | walnut satin | bordeux satin  £3900

Cherry Satin | Beech satin £4000


Feurich 122 universal is an award winning design and bestselling piano across Europe. Following a complete overhaul in 2011 by Austrian piano experts the instrument has been perfected and is at the highest of European standards. The Feurich's lovingly crafted details make this not only a special sounding but a work of art with details such as the slight curve to the outside of the leg. This instrument has such a strong tone and an ease of play that it can overshadow many grand pianos.

H-122 | L - 151.5 | D - 60

Technical specifications - Feurich 122

  1. Special soundboard united to a precisely glued backframe creates long lasting construction with a rich and balanced spectrum
  2. climate resistant laminated pinblock combined with a CNC worked cast iron plate provides excellent long lasting tuning stability
  3. optimum lever balance in the action and a precise keyboard guarantee a flowing a pleasent playing experience.
  4. Keybed and keyframe are made of aluminium, meaning they do not react to climate changes.
  5. The laminated keys are made of 17 layers of timber with an additional hardwood inlet and they are stable in any climate.
  6. traditional pedal system with wooden levers, springs and a solid brass cast produces noisless, easy to handle movement.
  7. Feurich designed celeste pedal for quiet practice.
  8. Large castors for ease of movement